Tips for clearing snow

Winter car kit

Remember those sudden heavy snowfalls last year that left motorists and vehicles stranded? Make sure you are prepared for snowy conditions with an emergency winter kit for your car. Your kit should include:

A snow shovel
The must-have tool if you get stuck in snow or need to dig your car out in the morning. Your snow shovel needs to be small enough to fit in the boot of your car, but also hard-wearing enough not to break after a couple of uses.
Tip: Plastic snow shovels are generally not as durable as aluminium or metal ones. It is worth investing slightly more in a high quality snow shovel, knowing that it is up to the task of clearing snow, rather than buying a cheap snow shovel and it falling apart the first time that you use it.
Tip: Remember when the snow hits, everyone will be hunting for snow shovels so buy one early and make sure it will last the winter - the last thing you want is to break your snow shovel when you have no chance of replacing it.
Warm clothing
Think gloves, thick socks, woolly jumpers and thick jackets. You're unlikely to need these while cruising along with the car heating on full blast, but if you are ever stranded, you will be grateful for the extra layers.
A hot drink
Buy a thermos flask and fill it up with your hot drink of choice before starting your journey.
Always pack some snacks in the car to tide you over if you ever get stranded. You can pack fresh foods, but it is a good idea to keep some less perishable snacks that you can leave in the car - just in case you forget.
A torch
Just in case you have to abandon your car and find shelter for the night.
A mobile phone with full battery and emergency contact numbers
If you do get stuck in heavy snow and are unable to dig yourself out, you will need to be able to contact help and/or friends and family to let them know where you are.

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