About Arctic Snow Shovels

Arctic snow shovels is a trading name of Arctic Fashion Limited. Frustrated with the lack of proper tools to deal with snow, Arctic Fashion founder Johanna decided to start importing proper snow shovels from Finland.

Using a 80cm wide snow plough
Using a 80cm wide snow plough in UK December 2010

"I grew up near Lapland, in a village that has the largest snow fall every year in Finland - more than a meter was the default. With huge piles of snow gathering in the school grounds, we would build tunnels and castles inside the heaps - using proper snow shovels of course, she explains.

"When later on in life living in Southern Finland, where the snow can be more slush and infrequent like in England, you learn the importance of clearing the pavement and driveway as soon as the snow arrives.

It is frustrating to see people struggle in the slush, whether elderly or mothers with push chairs, when so easily each one of us can do our bit and clear the pavement. That way you need to use far less salt - and that saves both cost and the environment'.

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